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Carpet Cleaning

8 Reasons to Get a Carpet Cleaning ASAP

If you’re like most people, you’re probably under the impression that vacuuming your carpet is enough to clean it. But what if you knew that one square inch of carpet can contain about 200,000 bacteria. Would you still feel as confident in your at-home cleaning methods? As beautiful as it can look and as cozy […]
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Carpet Cleaning Company

How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

One square inch of your carpet could be home to 200,000 bacteria. This is just one of the many reasons why you should get a professional carpet cleaning every 1-2 years. However, not all carpet cleaning companies provide the same level of service. Without taking precautions, you can easily run into bait-and-switch scammers or incompetent […]
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how to get dog urine out of carpet

How to Get Dog Urine Out of Carpet

There is nothing better than returning home to your loving dog after a busy day. Yet, there’s nothing more frustrating than to find they’ve urinated on the carpet. It may have happened if a pet pooch isn’t house trained yet, if you were late home or they have urinary incontinence. Either way, you will want […]
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odor removal

Freshen Up Your Home With Pet Odor Removal

Your floors may be shined and your shelves dust free, but there’s that one little thing keeping you from a squeaky clean home. Pet odor. We get it; we love our furry friends too! However, we don’t need to love the pesky smells that come along with pet ownership. Have no fear, follow us and […]
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pet hair removal

5 Tips for Easy Pet Hair Removal

We all love our four-legged friends, even when they misbehave. While clawing up the furniture or having an accident on the carpet can be more of an annoyance than anything else, too much pet hair in your home can also have health consequences. Especially to those that already have mild animal allergies, pet hair can […]
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best carpet cleaning

The 10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

What’s the best carpet cleaning method to remove stains when they happen? Well, it depends on the type of stain. This article will explain simple ways to remove the 10 most common types of stains using items you have around the house. Best Carpet Cleaning Tips Before getting into the details, you need to know some […]
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urine removal

Urine Removal: How to Care for a Home with Pets

We’re all fans of our furry friends and animal companions, but sometimes what they leave for us can be much less lovable. Urine removal is an unattractive process, but it can be made simple. Evaluate your situation and follow the correct series of steps below to successfully remove that smelly stain. Carpet Stain Urine Removal—New […]