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carpet clean

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean When You Have Kids

Carpets can, on average, gather up to 40 pounds of dirt in just one year. With kids running around, this average could be higher. Although carpets look nice and feel smooth under our feet, keeping a carpet clean is no easy task. A task made even more difficult for those of us with kids whose […]
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best way to clean tile floors

What Is the Best Way to Clean Tile Floors?

Tiles are one of the recommended flooring types by home builders. Marble tiles are versatile and look good on floors, walls, and hallway columns. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are a good alternative if you want flooring that needs waterproofing. You can install them indoors and outdoors. But cleaning tile flooring can be tricky. […]
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Carpet Cleaning

8 Reasons to Get a Carpet Cleaning ASAP

If you’re like most people, you’re probably under the impression that vacuuming your carpet is enough to clean it. But what if you knew that one square inch of carpet can contain about 200,000 bacteria. Would you still feel as confident in your at-home cleaning methods? As beautiful as it can look and as cozy […]
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Carpet Cleaning Company

How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

One square inch of your carpet could be home to 200,000 bacteria. This is just one of the many reasons why you should get a professional carpet cleaning every 1-2 years. However, not all carpet cleaning companies provide the same level of service. Without taking precautions, you can easily run into bait-and-switch scammers or incompetent […]
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dirty kitchen

8 Tips for Tackling a Dirty Kitchen

You’re busy. Between work, the kids, the meals, and the errands, you just don’t have time to clean that kitchen. After today’s article, you’re likely going to make time. The kitchen is where the entire family gathers to spend time together. Have you considered gathering around the toilet? Because that kitchen sink can have 100,000 more […]
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deodorize carpet

Deodorize Carpet (and Everything Else) With Baking Soda

Baking soda has long been used as a multi-purpose cleaning agent. It’s especially popular when used to deodorize carpet stains and smells. Scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda’s primary function is its neutralization of pH. This helps keep things from becoming overly alkaline or overly acidic. In baking, it reacts to the acidic components […]
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mattress cleaners

Mattress Cleaners: 5 Easy Ways to Freshen Your Bed

Chances are, you spend more time in your bed than in any other single location in your home.  The average person sleeps for about eight hours every night. During that time, your body sheds hundreds of thousands of skin cells, as well as its natural oils.  Not to mention, if you sleep with a partner, […]
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blind cleaning

Blind Cleaning

Blinds add an unmatched level of style, sophistication, and elegance to your home. They also add valuable security and protection from the outside. Yet, for all their appeal, blinds can be especially cumbersome to clean. While there are myriad varieties of blinds, including wooden blinds, fabric blinds, metal blinds, and vinyl blinds, the reality is […]
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how to get dog urine out of carpet

How to Get Dog Urine Out of Carpet

There is nothing better than returning home to your loving dog after a busy day. Yet, there’s nothing more frustrating than to find they’ve urinated on the carpet. It may have happened if a pet pooch isn’t house trained yet, if you were late home or they have urinary incontinence. Either way, you will want […]
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benefits of cleaning

7 Surprising Benefits of Cleaning Your Home

Take a look around your home. Do the floors need mopping? Do the beds need making? Do we dare even mention the windows? There seems to always be a different task to tackle when it comes to keeping a clean home. And unfortunately, there’s usually lots of obligations that keep us from investing the time […]