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how to get dog urine out of carpet

How to Get Dog Urine Out of Carpet

There is nothing better than returning home to your loving dog after a busy day.

Yet, there’s nothing more frustrating than to find they’ve urinated on the carpet.

It may have happened if a pet pooch isn’t house trained yet, if you were late home or they have urinary incontinence. Either way, you will want to clean up the mess as soon as possible.

That’s why we’re providing some top tips on how to get dog urine out of carpet.

How to Spot Dog Urine on a Carpet

Sometimes it might be rather obvious where a dog has urinated on a carpet, as it could be wet. Yet, in some cases, it might be a little more difficult to find.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to spot the problem area, but you can certainly smell it. When this happens, you’ll want to know how to get dog urine out of carpet as soon as possible.

The Sniff Test

As much as you might not like it, the best way to locate the problem could be the nose-to-the-ground approach. Smell different areas of the carpet to find out where the scent is strongest.

A Black Light

If the sniff test doesn’t sound too great, you could always use a black light in a dark room. Don’t forget to check the room’s corners, baseboards and under furniture.

How to Get Dog Urine Out of Carpet When Wet

You might not like to have returned home to wet dog urine, but it means you won’t later experience any smells.

Avoid unpleasant smells and stains and learn how to get dog urine out of carpet when wet. All you have to do is:

Step one: Use paper towels or a white bath towel to soak up as much urine as you can. The best way to boost its absorption is to place towels on the spot and stand on them. Try to slowly shift your weight on the towels.

Repeat the process with fresh towels until no more urine is absorbed.

Step two: Once the urine has been soaked up as much as possible, rinse the accident spot with clean water.

Step three: You can then repeat the process of step one but with clean water this time.

Step four: If possible, use a wet vac to suck up any excess water.

Step five: The final step should be to add an odor neutralizer to the accident area. This will freshen up the carpet so you won’t experience any unpleasant smells in the future.

How to Clean Old Urine from a Carpet

We all love our dogs, but we don’t love it when they urinate indoors, right?

Old urine can produce a powerful smell that can spread across the property. The chances are, you have probably used many different products to remove the problem to no avail.

If so, we recommend performing the following steps on how to get dog urine out of carpet.

Step one: You must remove any previous cleaners from a carpet prior to a treatment. That’s because they can prevent an odor neutralizer from working.

One of the best ways to remove chemicals is with a wet vac or extractor with clean water.

This will also help to remove urine from a carpet. You can choose to rent or buy a wet vac.

Step two: Once you have cleaned the old stain, apply an enzymatic pet odor neutralizer to the area.

The neutralizer binds and neutralizes with a urine’s protein that causes a foul smell. Yet, we recommend trying it on a hidden carpet area first so it doesn’t discolor a carpet.

Step three: In some cases, the odor might have disappeared but the stain has remained. If so, invest in a high-quality stain remover to freshen up the carpet.

It’s important to note that the cleaning job might be a little harder if the urine has sunk into the carpet padding. If it has soaked into the carpet, you may have to remove it to ensure the carpet is odor-free.

If your dog routinely urinates in the same place, the urine may have soaked into the flooring. The flooring will need to be cleaned and covered with a sealant to remove the smell.

Top Tips for Cleaning Dog Urine

There are some things you should or shouldn’t do when cleaning dog urine from a carpet.

For instance, we recommend you don’t use a steam cleaner. This is because the machine’s heat can cause the stain to set and can release an odor from a carpet.

It’s also essential to avoid using strong-smelling cleaners, such as ammonia or vinegar. Using these products could encourage your pet pooch to urinate in the same spot to cover it up.

How to Prevent a Dog from Urinating

There are many reasons why your pet might be urinating in the home.

If your canine companion isn’t house-trained, you can take it to a class to teach them to urinate outside.

If your house-trained dog is starting to urinate in the home, it’s wise to take him or her to a veterinarian. It’s vital to rule out a medical issue, such as a urinary tract infection, diabetes or bladder stones.

Yet, a geriatric dog may experience joint complaints, which could impact their mobility. Again, it’s important to take him or her to a veterinarian to find out how you can help.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

It’s not always easy to remove dog urine from a carpet. Even when you think you have soaked all the urine up, the smell or stain may still remain.

If you are unable to clean the carpet, turn to professional carpet cleaning services to do the hard work for you.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible carpet cleaning service. Our specialists can help you say goodbye to those troublesome stains once and for all.

In fact, if you’re not happy with our cleaning process, we will give a full refund with our money back guarantee. There’s a reason we’re Bay County’s #1 cleaning company.

Find out more about our carpet cleaning services and call us today on 850-871-2922.

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