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blind cleaning

Blind Cleaning

Blinds add an unmatched level of style, sophistication, and elegance to your home. They also add valuable security and protection from the outside.

Yet, for all their appeal, blinds can be especially cumbersome to clean.

While there are myriad varieties of blinds, including wooden blinds, fabric blinds, metal blinds, and vinyl blinds, the reality is that most include slats that require intricate cleaning to remove all the dust and debris that accumulates.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend an entire afternoon on the blind cleaning process. Today, we’re discussing a few easy tips to make the task easier, quicker, and more efficient than you ever thought possible.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

1. Vacuum the Right Way

Vacuuming is one of the most common blind cleaning techniques — and for good reason. Most vacuums come with a small brush attachment that’s ideal for the job.

Yet, before you flip that switch, consider the direction in which you intend to clean the blinds.

It might be tempting to grab the vacuum and just run it up and down the slats, turning them over a few times to make sure you get all the angles.

Yet, to achieve a more thorough clean, try running the attachment horizontally, not vertically, across the blinds.

This will help you make sure you’re cleaning each slat in its entirety. On the other hand, when you swipe up and down, it can be difficult to track where you’ve been and where you need to go.

As you work, be sure your vacuum is running on the lowest possible suction setting. Any more and you may risk warping or damaging the blinds if they get sucked into the attachment.

2. Keep a Regular Routine

Want to save time and energy the next time you tackle blind cleaning? One way you can do so is to ensure that dust is not allowed to sit for a long period of time and accumulate on the slats.

It sounds simple, but establishing a quick routine wherein you simply go over your blinds with a mini duster will prevent them from becoming overly dirty. Then, when you’re ready to deep-clean them, they won’t be as difficult to manage.

Simply turn all the blinds down, dust horizontally starting at the top, then turn them in the opposite direction and dust again.

Find a cloth or feather duster that you can easily store within reach, and set a reminder on your phone or calendar to use it often. You may also consider a microfiber duster, optimally designed to attract and lift dust away with ease.

3. Try an Easy Solution for Stuck-On Stains

Do you have a little more grime on your blinds than simple dirt or dust? If so, there’s no need to worry.

For more intense blind cleaning jobs that require a little more oomph, try mixing a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water, then applying the mixture to the blinds with a clean, dry cloth.

The acidity in the vinegar will help to break down some of your most stuck-on build-ups. Yet, it’s often too strong to act as a cleaning solution on its own. Diluted with water, however, it’s a great, economical way to get rid of unwanted gunk.

In fact, that’s what makes vinegar a great household cleaner! Here are a few other ways you can use it to keep your home spic and span.

If you have wood blinds, skip the vinegar solution and opt for a furniture polish instead. Simply spray a little onto a clean cloth (even a sock will work!) and wipe each slat individually.

4. Use a Dust Glove

Want to make sure you clean every last inch of your blinds, and worry that a dusting cloth might leave some dirt behind? If so, a dust glove might be just the tool you need.

Put simply, these are gloves you wear on your hand that have a slot for each finger (similar to a regular glove or mitten). Wearing these gloves allows you a more hands-on approach to blinds cleaning. You can run your fingers totally around each slat, upping your range of motion and impact.

Dust gloves help you work within the narrow gaps between each slat without worrying about a bulky cloth dragging around or too much fabric getting wedged inside. When they get dirty, just toss them in the washing machine and re-use!

5. Deep-Clean Metal and Vinyl Blinds

As you set your reminder to treat your blinds routinely with a regular dusting, you may also want to plan a routine deep-clean as well.

If you have metal or vinyl blinds, this process is relatively easy, and can be done in your bathroom!

Simply remove the blinds from their mounting hardware and place them in your bathtub. A plastic, outdoor kiddie pool is also a good option.

Then, use a soft brush or sponge dipped in warm, soapy water to clean the blinds, taking care to clean each side of the slats. As it’s designed to cut grease and deep clean, dish soap is a great option for this application.

When you’re finished, rinse the blinds completely to avoid leaving any residue. Grab a towel to dry them, then hang them back inside your window. To speed the drying process, be sure to open the blinds back as quickly as possible.

One easy way to keep your newly scrubbed blinds in top shape? Run a dryer cloth over them after they’re totally dry. This will help repel any dust, offering you a greater return on your cleaning investment.

6. Treat Fabric Blinds Smartly

A discussion on blind cleaning isn’t complete without some tips designed specifically for those with fabric blinds, such as roman shades.

While these are technically “blinds,” their design and composition require them to be cleaned a little differently than other blinds we’ve discussed herein. While fabric blinds accumulate dirt and dust like all the others, they could also stain.

If the stain is mainly surface-level, try vacuuming the blinds gently, or using a hair dryer to lift it off of the fabric.

If you need to add a little friction, try rubbing a dry sponge on the spot. If that won’t do the trick or if the stain is particularly pesky, you can dip the sponge in a little soapy water, then blot it.

Keep in mind that rubbing could harm the fabric, so blotting is best in this case. If you’re concerned about damaging the blinds or can’t get the stain out, don’t hesitate to contact a cleaning professional.

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