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5 Tips For Easy Pet Hair Removal

We LOVE our pets but sometimes the shedding can get out of control. Removing the pet hair is important not only for our sanity but for our health, especially if you have family members who suffer from allergies.

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This is an excellent company! We use them to clean the tile and carpet in our rental condo every year. It is incredible how Joey can make our tile floors look BRAND NEW and I am not kidding! Great company!

They do a great job at a fair price. We used them last year when we bought our home (a foreclosure that was left vacant for a while ). Call, you won't be disappointed.

Really great company to do business with!!!

He did our carpets and did a wonderful job I need to have him do our tile

Great job, Joey! We appreciate your hard work… The church looks great!

Joey does an awesome job!!! I'm going to use him again soon at my apartment and my new home!!

All Star cleaned red wine stains off my white brocade sofa with no charge if not successful. Did great job with minimal charge. Young man's card said Joey Johnston. Highly recommend.

Great cleaning job on a very dirty carpet. 5*****

They did an AMAZING job on the carpet at my mom and dad's house the other day. This is actually the before and after picture in this photo. The picture doesn't show the HUGE difference though. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Very professional and got to us the next day after calling.

This was my rental living rm and he did an amazing job!

All Star Steam Cleaning is the best!!!!!! Merry Christmas 🎁🎄


Much better job than previous company

On time and excellent job cleaning red nail polish out of my light colored Berber carpet. Very pleased

I only recommend All Star to my friends and family! You guys are the best@!

They just did my Berber carpets a month ago and turned out beautiful.very very pleased

He really does a great job!! Even my white grout came out perfectly!!! My regular "carpet and floor guy"!!!

I've had Joey over to clean my carpets and upholstery several times. He always is very friendly, professional, and does a spectacular job. And the price isn't bad either.

I will say this for All Star steam cleaning I have never seen any other Carpet Cleaning Service better than they are. They are absolutely one hundred percent being completely honest when they say they will get your carpets cleaned. And they stay clean after they leave it is amazing how clean the carpets get in the first place but how the stains don't come back up. They can handle those things that roll my carpet they can handle anything. I don't know them personally I am just a customer that found them on Google and I couldn't be more happier or surprised with how great they are.

I had them clean my carpets just today! Did a wonderful job!

The best carpet cleaner by far!!!!!

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